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Red Cap Gunman Convicted

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The shooter in an attempted robbery that left Red Cap Valet operator Bruce Levy dead three years ago was convicted of first-degree murder in a Queens court on Saturday. Denworth Davidson, 24, now faces life in prison.
On Oct. 7, 2004, Levy was walking into his business when Davidson pulled a gun and attempted to snatch a banker’s bag holding about $17,000 in payroll cash. Levy struggled with the gunman, was shot in the arm, fell to the ground and suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the throat.
“You just don't shoot someone when they’re down on the ground, like a dog,” widow Kathi Levy told the New York Post. “My husband was a hero.”
Characterized by prosecutors as an “inside” job, Davidson was one of four suspects in the case. Former Red Cap employee Jerome Fletcher, 30, was convicted of murder in November 2006 and sentenced to 26-and-a-half years to life for his role as the gang’s getaway driver.
Davidson pleaded innocent to the charges, testifying that police had coerced a confession, and that his only role in the crime was to provide a place for the robbers to count the money. Mrs. Levy called his testimony “lies.”

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