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Reaching Out Further: Logistics (Conclusion)

Live-streaming is just one of many trends today

SAN FRANCISCO — For this Reaching Out Further column the focus will be on applying the same success trends (that we saw in an earlier Reaching Out column about sales and marketing), but this time the emphasis is on the areas of production and logistics.

As a reminder, the success trends list was generated by Ian Altman for Forbes Leadership because it exemplifies a consensus of last year’s trends lists. (For the entire article, go to: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ianaltman/2017/12/05/the-top-business-tren…)

6. Live-streaming video

Although different people prefer learning in different ways, live-streaming video has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to share information. There are many resources available that have already been developed by suppliers, vendors and trainers.

Many of these resources are free, but if you need a personalized specific-use video, their production has become very affordable and can make your associates more efficient in both training and job performance.

7. Serve your community

Review the sources and commonalities of your associates. They and their communities (social and geographic) are an excellent way to attract their peers to join your workforce. Enumerate the ways to show off your company as a positive place to work. Reach out to them through appropriate electronic media, physical media, and lifestyle events such as logo-canopy water-stations at children’s sports events. People like, and associate with, similar people in their communities.

8. Marketing focus on solving problems

When “marketing” to your employees and prospec- tive employees, focus on the challenges they face and how to overcome them. A menu of benefits from which to choose is a good way to address a range of needs without providing everything to everyone whether they need it or not. Health insurance, child care, dental and eye care, carpools, flex hours, job sharing, discounted family laundry, and more, can all be attractive benefits and the flexibility to mix and match them provides welcome control.

9. Subject matter experts (SMEs)

You most likely have received the benefits of your suppliers’ SMEs throughout your fabricare career in the form of chemical specialists, equipment advice and plant layout suggestions. Your software vendor can also provide information and expert advice particularly in logistics and route apps.

Internally, you can develop SMEs for the benefit of your customers, as with the wedding specialist, and for your team in the form of expert team leaders or trainers. Your most discerning clients may appreciate meeting the “master dry cleaner,” “stain removal expert,” or “master tailor.”

10. Blockchain

You may wish to be on the cutting edge and offer Bitcoin as an optional form of compensation for your adventurous staff. Few, if any, would opt for that payment, but you would probably glean ample free publicity. Be sure it complies with all HR regulations in your jurisdiction.

Your company, your associates and your clientele can all benefit if you assess your status on each of the success trends coming out of last year and implement changes that move you through 2019.

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