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Prom Dress Dreams Await

Zengeler Cleaners now collecting dresses and accessories for Glass Slipper and Mothers Trust

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — With spring arriving, prom season is already on the horizon for many area high schools. That means all eight Zengeler Cleaners stores are now accepting donations for the 2020 prom dress collection drive, including accessories such as shoes, purses, jewelry and other formal wear accessories, the cleaners notes.


Zengeler Cleaners expanded the scope of its drive last year, now supporting the Glass Slipper Project (GSP) in Chicago and Mothers Trust Foundation (MTF) in Lake County, Ill.


GSP, it notes, is an all-volunteer organization providing opportunities for area high school women to experience the joy of prom at their schools, while MTF provides a similar service for local high school students.


Both organizations will have “personal shoppers” available to assist students in selecting their dream apparel from a vast selection of lovingly worn prom dresses and accessories at no cost to students.


“Zengeler Cleaners has enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Glass Slipper for the past 18 years, and we’re excited to renew our support for their fabulous project,” says Tom Zengeler, president of Illinois’ oldest cleaner.


“Last year, we had the opportunity to also partner with Mothers Trust Foundation, filling a need to offer a similar program for Lake County high schools. Our entire team is extremely excited to launch our 2020 collection drive!”


Support for the annual prom dress collection drive has steadily grown through the years. Since 2017, local students, not-for-profit organizations and generous individuals have donated an average of 6,000+ dresses each year, along with an impressive array of accessories and jewelry, the cleaners relates.


Additionally, many area businesses have joined Zengeler Cleaners to support the two organizations commitment to making the dream of prom come true for thousands of students in northern Illinois.


MTF will host their 2020 distribution during their “Pop Up Prom Shoppe,” located at College of Lake County in Grayslake, Ill., on Friday and Saturday, April 4 and 5.


GSP will host their distribution on two separate Saturdays, in cooperation with Chicago Public Schools. The location of this year’s GSP shopping boutiques, along with exact dates, will be announced soon.