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Prom Dress Collections Continue for 2021

School cancellations bring changes to 2020 prom dress drives, Zengeler Cleaners plans for next year

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Zengeler Cleaners writes that: “Among the many programs affected by COVID-19 and social distancing were the annual prom dress distribution events for the Glass Slipper Project and Mothers Trust Foundation, all of which have been cancelled.”

The cleaners has been the leading drop-off point for donations at those events.

“With so many proms already cancelled this year, there will be far fewer items available for donation next spring,” says Tom Zengeler, president of the family-owned company. “That’s why it is so important for us to continue our collection drive and store donations; so we can meet the needs of next year’s students.”

He further relates that, “With that in mind, we have already coordinated with the many schools who help collect donations, along with both the Glass Slipper Project and Mothers Trust Foundation. By working together now, we can assure there will be plenty of donated items available for next prom season.”

The cleaners reports that, “With Illinois Governor Pritzker’s announcement transitioning all Illinois schools to eLearning for the remainder of the current school year, high schools and their students are coming to terms with losing many of their traditions.”

For the Class of 2020, that means graduations, proms, spring sports and other school activities have been radically changed or cancelled completely.

For nearly two decades, the cleaners says, they have collected lovingly-worn prom dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. The 163-year-old dry cleaner has pledged to continue their collection drive for this year, after which they will store all donated items safely and securely for use next prom season.

All eight Zengeler Cleaners stores will continue accepting prom dress donations for the next several weeks, as well as shoes, purses, jewelry and other formal wear accessories, it relates.

All items will then be inspected, repaired as needed, then cleaned and professionally stored for next year.

“Zengeler Cleaners appreciates the ongoing generosity of high school students and their families who continue to donate to this worthy cause,” continues the owner.

“As we look forward to returning to more conventional times, our hope is that high schools can resume all of their regular traditions next year,” he adds.