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Poseidon Partners with Two New Distributors

Lavanett, Delta Drycleaning Equipment to help grow brand across Canada, Michigan

TROY, Mich. — Poseidon Textile Care Systems®, recently partnered with two new distributors: Lavanett, a full-service laundry and drycleaning equipment distributor based in Lachine, Quebec, Canada; and Delta Drycleaning Equipment Inc., a Korean-focused laundry and drycleaning equipment distributor, in Hazel Park, Mich., it reports.


“Lavanett and Delta are highly experienced distributorships who truly understand the needs of drycleaning operators,” relates Michael “Stucky” Szczotka, Poseidon co-owner.


“They will be instrumental in helping grow the Poseidon brand throughout Canada and Michigan,” he adds. “We’re excited to welcome them both into the Poseidon family.”


Lavanett, led by Earl Eichen, employs a team of 20 and provides laundry and drycleaning solutions, parts and service to customers throughout Canada.


Established in 1996, Lavanett is a proven company with a strong knowledge and background in dry cleaning and laundry, Eichen says.


“We are seeing a major shift in the Canadian market from dry cleaning, and the use of Perc, to wet cleaning,” he points out.


“Many landlords are rejecting dry cleaners that use Perc and alternative solvents in their operations,” Eichen further says. “Now, we can offer the Poseidon system as an eco-friendly wet cleaning alternative. There’s nothing better than Poseidon in terms of quality, performance and efficiency,” he adds.


“Partnering with Lavanett will bring Poseidon front-and-center in Canada,” says Poseidon co-owner Jeff Quail.


“The company has great market penetration in Canada, represents a number of drycleaning brands, and aligns with our customer-focused approach to business,” relates Quail.


Offering prompt service 365 days per year, he adds, Lavanett touts a crew of factory-trained service technicians and provides parts for most makes and models.


Specializing in Michigan’s Korean-speaking drycleaning market, Delta Drycleaning Equipment Inc., was established in 1992 by Tae Woo Kim, writes Poseidon, and adds: “The company offers quality equipment, parts and technical service to drycleaning customers throughout Michigan.”


Kim, who immigrated from Korea to the United States in 1978, has also owned and operated a drycleaning business for 36 years, the firm explains.


“I saw the Poseidon wetcleaning system in operation at a seminar and learned that the dryer is unlike anything else in the industry,” says Kim. “I wanted to offer Poseidon to my customers interested in adding wet cleaning or changing from dry cleaning to wet cleaning.”