Plant Design Awards — Merit Award: Pride Cleaners & TIDE Dry Cleaners


pride cleaners
Not just skating by. (Photo: Pride Cleaners)


tide dry cleaners
Looking regal in the Queen City. (Photo: TIDE Dry Cleaners)

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Pride Cleaners turned the shell of a former ice skating rink into a bright, clean central processing plant that services its 37 stores throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. It processes around 10,000 pieces a day in season.

After the 22,000-square-foot building was cleaned out, Pride had to bring in new power, gas and water services. Every piece of equipment had to be installed, and offices were built.

The plant was laid out to best fit the workflow needed for drycleaning, laundry and alteration services. Laundry and drycleaning work is separated, and flows from the washing/drycleaning machines through the press area, down to assembly, and out to the trucks in a U-shaped design.

Among Pride’s key pieces of equipment is Fulton boilers, Unipress finishing equipment, Metalprogetti auto-sort systems, Union drycleaning machines, petroleum reclaimers, Kaeser air compressor, and a Kemco hot-water system.

CINCINNATI — The TIDE Dry Cleaners facility in Anderson Township, just southeast of Cincinnati, was designed and built with the goals of providing consistent, best-in-class cleaning and exceptional customer service.

Like other TIDE stores, this 3,381-square-foot location is laid out such that the clothes flow in a circle from the front counter and back. The company has worked hard to eliminate wasted steps and optimize equipment capacity to minimize capital investment while providing for the large volume it expects each of its stores to produce.

The facility uses Union drycleaning equipment with GreenEarth technology, UniMac laundry equipment, Fulton steam boiler, Kaeser Compressors air compressor, Metalprogetti auto assembly conveyor and storage conveyor, and Unipress drycleaning and laundry pressing equipment.

Workers operate at their best when they are comfortable, TIDE believes, so the store was designed with heating, air conditioning, and exhaust air-handling systems to provide a comfortable working environment.

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