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Planet of the ‘Apps’

Latest survey: apps are the way of the future say most

CHICAGO — “Yes” “Yes” and.... “Yes” are some of the answers to the question: “Are apps the way of the future?”

The most recent American Drycleaner Your Views survey asks the trade audience to tell us about their experiences going digital and offering ‘apps’ to their customers. Here are some of the responses:

“Customers love it.”

“Everyone is on the go and you need to provide ease of use for consumers to reach you.”

“Up and down.”

“Anticipating providing this service in the future.”

“With limited phone space and pretty specialized use, it is difficult to get customers to download an app. We think it’s cool, but customers don’t care about a drycleaning app.”

“Lot of work, little results.”

“Faster service to get order ready.”


When asked: “Do you offer your customers an app for your drycleaning business?” the graph shows that 41% do not, but of note 59% either do offer an app (23%) or want to (36%), and that’s significant.

“Why aren’t you offering an app?” the survey asks. Here are some more responses:

“Need the time to explore and start one.”

“Haven’t found one to fit our business model.”

“Don’t understand exactly what the benefit would be.”

“Not exactly sure what I would offer on the app.”

“Customers have access through our website and I feel like that is enough for our business.”

“I am looking to offer one. I would like one that integrates with my POS system.”


Of the respondents that have apps, 70% indicated they partnered with an app developer. The other 30% designed their own (12%) or had help designing it (18%).

“If you have an app, how does it benefit your company?” The survey inquired.

One person says: “Allows customers access to their history; lets us know they are on the way so we can have their order pulled and ready; they can check their loyalty points, order a pickup or delivery. Also, we send messages in real-time that pop up on their end.”

More comments about apps as the way of the future:

“Possibly but interested in what the feature might be.”

“One way.”

“Depends on your customer base.”

“Mobile ordering is the way of the future. Most people nowadays make the majority of their purchases on their mobile phones so I think it’s smart to have our brand on their phone.”

“Abosolutly not! They have been available for years and I can’t see them making much of an impact.”

“110% the future.”

“Yes I do.”

“Yes, but you have to make the app functions useful enough to create demand. For obvious reasons younger customers are more inclined to download and use the app.”

“Yes. Go big, or go home!”

Today’s Your Views survey offers a current snapshot of the trade audience’s views. Qualified subscribers to American Drycleaner e-mails are invited to participate anonymously in the unscientific poll.

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