P&G’s Push Draws Veteran Franchisee

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CINCINNATI - Procter & Gamble Co.’s push behind its Tide-branded drycleaning stores has attracted at least one veteran franchise operator, according to a story from Bloomberg News — Panda Express founder Andrew Cherng.
Cherng plans to open about 150 Tide Dry Cleaners in the next four years, the story says. “I wasn’t around when McDonald’s was taking franchisees,” Cherng told Bloomberg. “I’m not going to miss this one.”
P&G opened its first three Tide stores in the Kansas City metro area in 2008, earning a Merit Award in American Drycleaner’s 48th Plant Design Awards with the Leawood, Kan., branch. The company’s new franchise arm, Agile Pursuits Franchising, launched a push to take Tide Dry Cleaners nationwide early this year.
Tide stores use GreenEarth’s silicon-based solvent process in central plants. Retail stores feature sunny graphics, double-lane drive-thrus and 24/7 locker access. The cost of opening a new Tide store is estimated at about $950,000, according to Bloomberg.
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