As A Petroleum User, What Should I Do with These Cartridges?

Alan Spielvogel |

Q: Our process has used petroleum solvent since 1946. Twenty-five years ago, we started using a charcoal filtration system. What is the best and most appropriate way to dispose of the cartridges?
A: In our opinion, the only way to dispose of any type of solvent-related waste is to give it to a licensed hazardous-waste hauler.
Although petroleum wastes may be able to be disposed of at a facility that accepts waste oil, there may be an issue with cross-contamination from solvents or spotting agents present in the waste.
Furthermore, a licensed hazardous-waste hauler will give you a manifest. This is proof that the waste was disposed of legally. This protects the plant owner against any future liability associated with the waste, such as illegal dumping or disposal.

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Alan Spielvogel

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Alan Spielvogel is technical director of the National Cleaners Association (NCA).


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