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The Methods for Management (MfM) group met in Nassau, Bahamas to review New Oriental Cleaners and members posed for this sunny photo at the beach. In photo from left: Rich Volk, Sharra Volk, Mike Harris, Kermit Engh, Dave Cass, Kelly Massey, Mary Cass, John Massey, Joe Hallak, Rhonda Wernick, Alan Wernick, Janet Garman, John-Claude Hallak, Polly Nemec, Dave Nemec, Joe Lancaster, Christy Garman, Lana Lee-Brogdon, and Chris Brogdon. (Photos: Methods for Management)


MfM’s west coast bureau toured Laundry Locker in San Francisco. In photo, clockwise from left: Wendy Jaglowski, Louise Tessier, Jason Ramirez, David Crouse, Puzant Cinar, Mark Stephan, Kevin Hiebert, and Larry Tessier. Not shown: Tad Jenkins, Pierre Cinar, Eric Tessier, Lisa Hiebert, Dawn Marie Crouse, and Kermit Engh.

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MfM group tours dry cleaners in Nassau and San Francisco

OMAHA, Neb. — Top dry cleaners from across the United States and Canada gathered in San Francisco, California, and Nassau, Bahamas, to review and develop their management skills, the Methods for Management (MfM) group notes.

In Nassau, the MfM group toured New Oriental Cleaners. This visit, it relates, explored the challenges that businesses face on islands or in isolated areas. Those challenges included learning how to navigate with limited deliveries, power outages, and serious storms.

The group says it’s dry cleaners, “gained skills in problem-solving strategies and contingency planning. Lana Lee-Brogdon of New Oriental Cleaners not only showed the group true strength and skill but also a wonderful time exploring the island from sun, sand, and a feast fit for kings.”

The group also met in San Francisco to visit Laundry Locker, which it described as a technology-forward company that provides customers with drop-off drycleaning and laundry services.

The group reports it observed new techniques for developing customer service for younger generations who want high-level service that falls outside traditional models.

Kermit Engh of MfM facilitated both events with problem-solving development, accountability with financials, and thinking outside the box by visiting other member’s dry cleaners, the group notes.

Engh’s philosophy, the company writes, “reminds us all that we are business managers who happen to run drycleaning businesses.”

MfM has been serving dry cleaners since 1953. The group points out it works together to challenge each other for the betterment of their companies in a noncompetitive environment.

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