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Ozone-Based Cleaning to Treat Clothes

OXXO says it removes odors and germs with ozone and UV treatment for clothes cleaning

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO® Care Cleaners recently talked about the, “Timeliness of its recent adoption of ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light treatment for clothes cleaning.”

The firm relates that it implemented ozone and UV in its processes late in 2019 as a method for removing odors and germs from particularly troublesome garments, such as gym clothes.

“Fortunately,” it says, “the same techniques that defeat bacteria, fungi, and protozoa in clothes, also inactivate viruses.”

“We started using ozone and UV for gym clothes but find that it is extremely relevant now to help calm fears and deep clean clothing in the face of today’s outbreak situation,” says Salomon Mishaan, CEO of OXXO Care Cleaners.

“We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and thought that a solution like this was very timely. Our customers can rest assured their clothes will come back more sanitized than ever,” says Mishaan.

For decades, the company writes, ozone (O3, comprised of three oxygen atoms) has been used to sterilize objects and environments. This isn’t surprising since ozone exists in the same chemical family as chlorine, although ozone doesn’t leave toxic chemical residues.

“Ozone breaks apart the chemical bonds that create molecules we perceive as scents such as smoke, mildew, decay, gasoline, and even skunk stench,” the firm notes.

To address environmental priorities, OXXO says, its 100% eco-friendly GreenEarth® Cleaning silicone cleaning process combines with state-of-the-art equipment that is 100% harmless to clothing, it adds.