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OXXO Owner Gives Franchisees More Voice

Unconventional proposition to be ‘built on communication and building bridges’ Mishaan says

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO Care Cleaners® announces the invitation of its franchisees to form an independent organization, the Independent Franchise Association, it reports.

This move, it relates, “comes at a time when most franchisors want to keep increasingly tight control over their franchisees. OXXO wants to give its franchisees more voice and input, disrupting the broader world of franchise communication and control trends that we see today.”

Salomon Mishaan, CEO of OXXO, says: “Franchisors don’t recommend that its franchisees form an independent association. We’re proposing something very unconventional because it’s needed and because we have faith in our system, which is built on communication and building bridges across our franchise network. That’s why we’re confident this will work.”

In the firm’s proposal, it notes, franchisees would form an independent association and populate it with members from their own operations. The association would meet at whatever interval it chose and elect representatives to interface directly with company leadership.

This representation model, highly unconventional in the franchise world, would ensure that franchisees could provide equal and timely input regarding store marketing and operations, and other business matters, it adds.

Simultaneously, the company points out, the Independent Franchise Association would provide a forum in which franchisees could exchange ideas, let all voices be heard, and learn new best practices, opening doors to even greater success.

“To be clear,” it says, “the franchisee association will be an autonomous body completely beyond the control of the franchisor. By remaining separate from the association, OXXO hopes to foster more open communication and a freer flow of expression that will ultimately help all parties to grow.”