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OXXO Care Cleaners Named Best Delivery Service by TreeHugger

Sustainability and environmental responsibility lands company in top spot

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO Care Cleaners recently announced that it was named “Best Dry Cleaning Delivery Service” by TreeHugger, a website that focuses on sustainability and environmental practices.

TreeHugger based the award on various criteria, including:

  • Environmental impact
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Design
  • Function

The leading reason given for selecting OXXO as Best Dry Cleaner was the company’s insistence that all of its 60 locations use GreenEarth solvents for wet washing, as well as TOP Terra. GreenEarth is based on liquid silicone (which degrades into sand and water) rather than PERC or other chemicals. TOP Terra, which OXXO integrated into its processes in 2017, is produced in Colombia and relies on palm oil for its fragrance and stain-removing power while also foregoing the use of phosphates, which can deprive aquatic systems of oxygen and lead to toxic algae blooms.

Beyond sustainability, TreeHugger cited more customer service-centric elements that helped land OXXO in its top spot. These included:

  • Scheduling of free, on-demand pick-up/delivery
  • 24/7 drop-off kiosks
  • Hand-ironing of garments rather than steam pressing
  • Cleaning of items beyond garments

When issuing the award, TreeHugger wrote, “OXXO Care Cleaners is our top choice overall for its growing network of stores, green technology, and multiple methods for drop-off and pick up.”

“OXXO was founded on the idea of caring — caring as much for customers’ satisfaction as for the Earth that sustains us,” says Salomon Mishaan, CEO of the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise. “When we started OXXO on a foundation of sustainability, we were ahead of the curve. This honor from Treehugger shows how mainstream awareness is catching up to us. We set out to change the dry-cleaning industry. TreeHugger’s recognition is an important honor and a great step in advancing that cause.”





OXXO Care Cleaners Named Best Delivery Service

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