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Clothing dropped-off by Ninjadry in Belfast, Ireland, one of two new international licensing partners with U.S.-based on-demand drycleaning service firm WashClub. (Photo: WashClub)

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On-demand drycleaning service expands to Ireland, France

NEW YORK — WashClub, an on-demand laundry and drycleaning service in the United States, started its international licensing agreement with Belfast, Ireland-based Ninjadry, and Valet Service in France, it reports.

Richard Houliston, president of Ninjadry says: “We are delighted to work with WashClub and license our website and app platforms, not to mention the fantastic logistics software, from them.”

This wording is from Ninjadry’s website: “Belfast’s first and only online drycleaning, laundry and ironing company!”

WashClub notes it now has over 85,000 customers across the globe.

“In a global environment setting where on-demand companies are changing all industries, we find ourselves making great progress and growth across all sectors of our business,” says Rick Rome, president and founder of WashClub.

Over the last three months, the company states it has expanded its presence to five new markets including Dallas, Austin, Detroit, Ft. Worth and Central Florida, bringing its total licensing footprint to 47 cities in 17 states and three countries, it indicates.

“We are looking forward to continuing our market expansion in 2018, both nationally and internationally,” says Rome.

“We have found WashClub to be supportive and responsive and look forward to working with them as our business grows over the next few years,” says Houliston.

The firm relates that it intends to further accelerate the on-demand laundry space to reach more businesses and households in cities across the world.

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