Operators Break with Nation in Historic Vote

Ian P. Murphy |

CHICAGO — Four out of five (80.8%) drycleaners say they supported the Republican ticket in the presidential election earlier this month, according to this month’s special “Exit Poll” edition of the Wire survey. Only 14.1% of drycleaners taking the survey voted Democratic, and 5.1% voted for a third-party or write-in candidate.
In the historic victory, the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden claimed 52.7% of the popular vote, marking a decisive win over Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin (46.0%). The electoral vote was a landslide for the Democrats, 365 to 174; Missouri — where only about 4,000 votes separated the candidates — has yet to award its 11 electoral votes.
Asked what the most influential factor was in helping decide how to cast their ballots, 23.2% of drycleaners listed “Experience,” while 21.2% said the “Economy.” Other issues often rated first in importance included “Homeland Security” (11.1%), “Taxes” (9.1%) and so-called “Moral Issues” such as the candidates’ positions on gay marriage and abortion rights (8.1%).
Asked to elaborate on their answers, drycleaners tended to highlight taxes and the small-government ideal, long perceived to be Republican strengths. “There is no way a small-business owner can vote for Obama,” one said. “His policies are regressive and anti-business.”
Other operators, however, expressed disappointment with the country’s direction under Republican governance and embraced Obama’s promise of change. “Republicans have destroyed our country and its reputation, decimated the economy and more than doubled our national debt,” one said. “This administration has divided our nation.”
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