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Operator Converts Entirely to SystemK4

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Gadue’s Dry Cleaning is the first plant to convert entirely to Kreussler Inc.’s new solvent, SolvonK4. The latest alternative to come to market, Kreussler says that the acetal formulation is safe, cleans effectively, and won’t harm the environment.
Operator Mark Gadue has been testing the new solvent and the detergents in SystemK4 since April 2010. Gadue and his daughter, company president Aline Gadue Stirling, tested the system on everything from wedding gowns to high-end garments, including fire-restoration work, Kreussler says. Results were positive.
“SystemK4 is the answer to the prayer of every drycleaner looking for freedom and a bright future in professional clothes care,” Gadue says, noting cycle times of about 55 minutes and a good hand. “SystemK4 cleans clothes safely and effectively. And [it] is safe for the people who use it and the environment around us.”
The solvent was introduced at Italy’s ExpoDetergo in November. Kreussler has partnered with Bologna-based FMB Group, marketers of the Union, Realstar and Firbimatic brands, to produce machinery optimized for use with SystemK4. About 30 operations are now running SolvonK4 in dedicated machines or converted hydrocarbon machinery, Kreussler says.

Mark Gadue, Aline Gadue Stirling and Rowan Stirling.

Mark Gadue, Aline Gadue Stirling and Rowan Stirling with one of their plant's new machines.

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