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Ohio Authority Approves $57,000 for Dry Cleaner’s Upgrade

Project eliminates the use of hazardous drycleaning chemicals to improve air quality

COLUMBUS, Ohio — At its August board meeting, the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) approved up to $57,000 in bond financing to support an air quality project for YS Cleaners LLC dba Dry Cleaning World in Akron. The financing is provided through OAQDA’s Clean Air Resource Center(CARC), which is designed to make clean air compliance accessible and affordable for Ohio small businesses.

“OAQDA is pleased to provide financing for this project that achieves positive air quality and public health benefits for Summit County,” says Christina O’Keeffe, executive director of OAQDA. “Investing in new innovative equipment allows Dry Cleaning World to comply with Ohio EPA regulations, eliminate toxic chemicals, control air pollutants and create a healthy working environment for their staff and customers.”

In addition to the bond financing, Dry Cleaning World also will receive a grant award not to exceed $11,400.  The project will replace an outdated, perchloroethylene (perc) drycleaning machine with a new Realstar drycleaning machine that uses an environmentally friendly solution. The upgrade will result in the total elimination of PERC, which the EPA has listed as a hazardous, carcinogenic chemical that is often used in the drycleaning process. 

The project preserves two full-time positions at the company, which has been in business for 38 years and serves customers in Summit County and the surrounding areas.

“We appreciate the financing of this project,” says Dry Cleaning World owner Mark Jeong. “This new equipment will ensure better air quality for not only my employees but also our community.”

Ohio Authority Approves $57,000 for Dry Cleaner’s Upgrade

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