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Let’s talk news: How you give it, how you get it

CHICAGO — We asked our audience in this quarter’s American Drycleaner Your Views survey to tell us: “In general — not industry-specific — how do you receive your daily news?” We received these responses:

“Digital (web, Facebook, podcast, YouTube, Twitter, etc.),” say 20%. “On the air (TV, cable, radio),” say 24%. “Print (magazines, newspapers, books),” say 7%. “Word of mouth (peers, customers, employees),” say 0%. “All those ways,” say 43%. “None of those ways,” say 6%. (See graphic.)

We also asked, “Do you keep up with news in your drycleaning industry?”

“Yes,” say 76% of respondents, while 2% say, “No,” and 22% say, “Sort of.”

The survey asks: “Specifically, how do you receive your fabricare industry news?”

“Digital (web, Facebook, podcast, YouTube, Twitter, etc.),” say 33%. “On the air (TV, cable, radio),” say 0%. “Print (magazines, newspapers, books),” say 31%. “Word of mouth ( peers, customers, employees),” say 2%. “All those ways,” say 34%. “None of those ways,” say 0%.

The survey asks: “If you could customize your fabricare industry news, how would you want to receive it?”

Respondents answered:

• “I like the e-mails I get where I can click and read.” 

• “Print magazine.”

• “E-mail with hyperlink.”

• “Print and digital both.”

• “ Digital and print. I’m old-school, with ‘old’ being the primary word.”

• “I like the e-mails and the print for industry news.”

The survey then asks: “How do you spread your own news to customers? (For instance, is it by word-of-mouth/flyers/e-mails/other?)”

• “By e-mail and word-of-mouth.”

• “Facebook. Bag attachments. Radio. Print.”

• “Word-of-mouth, Facebook and website.”

• “Online, website, print ads.”

• “Mail-stuffers in monthly bills. We post on Facebook but not sure if that’s effective.”

• “Facebook, posters, bag drops.”

Lastly, the survey asks: “Do you use the media to publicize your drycleaning operation’s milestones? (For instance, using press releases/e-mails/other?)”

• “Just by e-mail and store posters.”

• “No.”

• “A little.”

• “Yes. Print. E-mail. Direct mail. Radio ads.”

• “Yes, we have a cloud-based POS.”

• “Send press releases but they really don’t seem to work. Mostly just going to meetings and telling people about things.”

• “Don’t but should.”

The quarterly Your Views survey offers a current snapshot of the trade audience’s views. Qualified subscribers to American Drycleaner e-mails are invited to participate anonymously in the unscientific poll.

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