New French Perc Regulations Focus for Jet Expo Show


Jet Expo 2013 in Paris boasted better attendance (3,716) and more exhibitors (123) than its prior show in 2011. (Photo: Jet Expo)

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PARIS — Adapting to French regulations requiring perchloroethylene (perc) phase-out in urban areas was the focus for the recently wrapped Jet Expo show, according to the International Committee of Textile Care (CINET), one of the show’s partners.

“With the French regulations on the horizon, Jet Expo focused wholly on alternative cleaning systems this year,” says CINET. “Wet cleaning was amongst the most encountered alternatives at the Jet Expo, especially because in France it is subsidized by Aquabonus.”

Companies such as Electrolux, Miele, Concord Textile, Seitz and Text’Eau all featured demonstrations of wetcleaning systems and finishing processes, adds CINET.

Two new solvents, KTex and Arcaclean, were also highlighted during the show. Produced by Bardahl and marketed by French distributor Romera, KTex is a halogen-free solvent, says CINET, and can be used in Class AIII machines. Regarding Arcaclean, CINET says, “[it] will be introduced into the market early next year in the Ilsa C2 machine.”

Both solvents are currently tested and certified by the French research institute CTTN, the organization adds.

The shift in focus toward alternative cleaning methods is a result of the new French regulation, Arret 2345, which calls for the phase-out of perc in urban areas, according to CINET.

“Where located in these areas, perc cleaning machines will have to be replaced with other cleaning systems before 2022,” says CINET. “Dry cleaners will also have to meet the concentration limit of 1250 µg/m3, which will eventually be lowered to 250µg/m3. This limit is scientifically supported and recommended by the World Health Organisation.”


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