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Need an Employee? Need a Job?

The American Drycleaner Jobs Board is here to help!

CHICAGO — To say that the global pandemic had an impact on the drycleaning industry is a massive understatement. Many workers with years of experience suddenly had long-time positions disappear as their employers were forced to cut their payroll or close their doors.

As society begins to get back on its feet, employers from all areas of the industry are now looking to fill positions or are creating new positions to grow in a post-pandemic world. The challenge is connecting people with experience with those employers looking to put their expertise to work for them.

We’re here to help!

The newly created American Drycleaner Jobs Board was designed to connect those looking for a position with dry cleaners who need their expertise to not only survive this challenging time but to grow in the future. The Board is open to anyone in the cleaning industry looking to advertise an available job or who want to post a notice that they are seeking a position.

It’s free to post to the ADC Jobs Board, both to add a job wanted notice or as a dry cleaner looking to add a job available in any area of the cleaning industry. There are skill level options, ranging from “entry” to “C-level,” available, as well as searches by salary range and geographic location. Employers can describe the open position, along with information about how to apply. All posts will remain online for 30 days, with an option to renew.

“Workers and employers from all across the industry were hit hard by the pandemic,” says Charles Thompson, president and publisher of American Trade Magazines. “As a leading voice in the cleaning industry, we wanted to do our part to help bring together those looking for a position and those looking to fill a position.

To post an ad for an open position or to place a notice that you’re available for hire, visit


Need an Employee? Need a Job?

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