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National Dry Cleaning Day: March 3

Celebrating inventor Thomas Jennings patent on dry-scouring, firm provides commemorative graphic

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Two years ago, BeCreative360 relates, it established the first annual National Dry Cleaning Day, a new holiday falling on March 3 of every year.


National Dry Cleaning Day celebrates the day Thomas Jennings, an inventor and abolitionist leader, filed a patent for dry-scouring, the precursor to modern-day dry cleaning.


To mark the occasion this year, marketing agency BeCreative360 created National Dry Cleaning Day marketing items for both social and print.


“We will make an image available on our website for free download for all dry cleaners wishing to take part in the third annual celebration of National Dry Cleaning Day,” it says.


This new holiday, quickly embraced by dry cleaners across the nation, is expected to gain even more traction on its third anniversary, it adds.


Thomas Jennings was born in 1791 and was 30 years old when he received his patent, on March 3, 1821 (U.S. patent 3306x). He became the first African-American inventor in the United States to own the rights to his own invention, the company notes.