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NARD is Now Renewal Claim Solutions

Restoration network rebrands to reflect expanded services

WACO, Texas — North American Restoration Drycleaners (NARD) — a network of textile restoration professionals — recently announced that it has started a rebranding process. This process includes changing the organization’s name to Renewal Claim Solutions to better reflect its current services and offerings.

“There was a lot of thought that went into this new name,” says Courtney Folk, president of Renewal Claim Solutions. “We decided on ‘Renewal’ for our end-user customers — homeowners and insured — who have experienced a devastating loss. Those who need to feel hope for the future, to you know better times are ahead, and that there will be a point where they will feel whole again.”

One of the reasons for the change was the evolving scope of materials the organization now restores.

“We wanted to change the name to better represent the level of sophistication that is a part of our network,” Folk says.

While the name is changing, it doesn’t signal a change in the scope or the philosophy of the organization, Folk Says. She also notes, however, that the industry is always evolving.

“Our core business is still restoration and dry cleaning, and I believe that will always be our core business. We’ve seen a shift in the industry, however, and we are also moving into electronics restoration and on-site inventory services for carriers. We want to be a central component of that solution.”

This branding change, Folk says, has provided excitement throughout its network for the future.

“This rebranding has been great for our members,” she says. “It’s created a lot of buzz on social media and in the marketplace, and I think everyone is very proud of the new name. Not only have we had a lot of interest in terms of prospective members, but we’ve had several carriers provide great feedback. They love the new name, and they feel like it’s a more comprehensive look at what our company is about.”

The shift from NARD to Renewal will roll out over the next several months, with the transition to be complete by July 31, 2021.

“Rebranding to Renewal Claim Solutions is essential for our growth as an entity,” Folk says, “so that as we continue to be pioneers in our industry, our name is reflective of our core values and business offerings.”

The organization’s new website is

NARD is Now Renewal Claim Solutions

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