MyLaundryOnline: Social Network with Suds?

Ian P. Murphy |

LOS ANGELES — Laundry and interactive social networking joined for the first time last week with the launch of The web-based service hopes to bring people who need their laundry done with those offering to do it.
The site offers a simple, straightforward way to bring people together, the company says. A flexible business opportunity that requires only detergent and time, the company says, farms its work out to a network of college students and other independent laundry contractors.
The network was established for time-strapped clients, businesses who wish to offer laundry services to employees, and people who want to work as independent contractors. Through the website, clients find independent contractors or laundry brokers in their areas to take care of their dirty clothes. also performs a “social network” function, with user profiles, friendship networks and other features popularized by sites such as Facebook and MySpace. For more information, visit

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