MW Cleaners Shows Customer Appreciation with Shirt Giveaway

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HOUSTON — MW Cleaners, a chain of 35 dry cleaners in the area, has given away 32,000 vouchers for free $50 shirts this year as part of its customer appreciation program called “The Shirt Off Our Back,” the company reports.

“We’ve had a huge response,” says MW Cleaners President Michael Nesbit. “It’s a big deal.”

Shirt volume at MW Cleaners is up about 17% since the program began, he adds.

The program, which started in January, offers customers who launder a shirt 20 times at MW Cleaners a $50 gift certificate for a free shirt or other merchandise from retailer The Men’s Wearhouse, of which MW Cleaners is a division, the company says.

MW Cleaners plans to continue the free-shirt program into next year, and Nesbit adds if the company decides to discontinue the program, it will allow everyone already participating at least an additional year to meet their next 20 shirts to receive a voucher.

An “overwhelming majority” of customers are involved in the program, says Nesbit. A valid e-mail address is the only requirement for participation, and there is no registration or fee required other than the cost of cleaning shirts, according to the company.

The $50 voucher makes the cleaning costs virtually free, says Nesbit.

“Many people ask how we are able to do this,” he says. “It is because of our business relationship with The Men’s Wearhouse.”

MW Cleaners is a division of The Men’s Wearhouse, according to the company. The free-shirt program provides value proposition for the drycleaning company and customer acquisition for the dress clothing retailer, Nesbit explains.


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