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Munro Cleaners Hosts T.A.G. Meeting

Highlights include tour of this Texas cleaners, guest speakers and a peer review

BEAUMONT, Texas — Tuchman Advisory Group (T.A.G.) says it, “Held a very successful meeting,” recently, hosted by Bill Munro and Rick Kirksey of Munro Cleaners.

Highlights of the meeting, T.A.G. notes, included a tour of Munro Cleaners, Munro’s Uniform Rental and Munro’s Safety Division, review of YTD financials, critique of Munro Cleaners operations, and hearing member presentations.

“We were pleased to welcome Mark Porter of Porter’s Cleaners as a new member of T.A.G.,” the group says.

“Our guest speakers included, Vinay Bachireddy, CEO, HRO Resources, a company that offers employee payroll options, tax filing, 401K plans, and employee benefit cost saving plans,” it notes.

Also speaking it relates, were: “Ray Cheshire, sales manager, and Toran Brown, development director, at SPOT, who reviewed current and new features. Dru Shields, director of sales at EnviroForensics explained how they use historical insurance data to help pay for environmental clean-up.”