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Mulberrys Launches On-Demand App for Bay Area Customers

‘We’re excited about the tremendous response so far,’ says company CEO Miller

SAN FRANCISCO — Mulberrys has launched an on-demand app — available on iOS and Android — to provide one-hour pickup and next-day delivery to customers throughout this area, reports Mulberrys.

“We are very excited about the tremendous response we have seen so far in the Bay Area," says Mulberrys CEO Dan Miller. “Our on-demand app is being used by thousands of people throughout San Francisco and Silicon Valley.”

The app launch follows the Minneapolis-based company’s recent acquisition of popular San Francisco laundry service GreenStreets Cleaners.

The first storefront location that the company converted and rebranded in San Francisco has already seen a 30% revenue increase this year, Miller says.

Mulberrys is combining traditional techniques with the latest technology to provide on-demand laundry and dry cleaning in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The service features toxin-free dry cleaning, eco-friendly detergents, biodegradable packaging and recycled wood hangers, the firm reports.

In addition, a new vehicle routing system sends Mulberrys employees on a continual loop to company-owned cleaning labs throughout the Bay Area, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.

“Our eco-friendly practices and innovative vehicle routing system provides for fast and convenient service,” says Miller.

Mulberrys now owns and operates 10 storefront locations, staffed by 65 local employees, throughout the Bay Area.

“Mulberrys is vertically integrated. From laundering clothes in our own facilities to having our employees handle all transportation and staffing stylish, modern storefronts, we control the entire process,” says Miller. “Our system has proven both popular and profitable in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and we’re thrilled to bring it to the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of innovation.”

He says the company plans to continue building on this momentum “through further strategic acquisitions in the Bay Area, Minneapolis, and new markets throughout the U.S.”

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