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Methods for Management Completes Successful Bureau Meetings

Early 2022 events combine live and virtual attendance

OMAHA, Neb. — Methods for Management (MFM), an international consulting group serving the dry cleaning industry, reports that its Bureau meetings got off to a successful start in 2022.

MFM Bureaus allow members to visit each other’s plants and facilities, discuss their financials and trends seen throughout the industry, and analyze their operations to uncover their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

The meetings combined on-site and in-person gatherings, with some members joining online via Zoom. While the number of members able to attend in person has grown as the pandemic recedes, many members were able to take advantage of the virtual technology and join the discussion.

“This hybrid meeting style has proven to be highly beneficial for MFM,” the organization said in a statement, “because it allows the hosting member to benefit from in-person plant inspection and critique while allowing those unable to attend in-person to participate.”

MFM also utilized new technology in the form of the OWL camera to create a more interactive meeting experience for those unable to travel in person. This all-in-one, 360-degree camera, mic and speaker allowed the Bureaus to share their ideas, struggles, and questions, and communicate more effectively.

At each in-person Bureau meeting, members conducted a thorough plant tour of the meeting host’s production plant, followed by members giving the host constructive critiques, including praise and suggestions for improvement and innovation to continue to provide the highest quality service for their clients. This type of peer feedback is highly beneficial to the hosting member, MFM states, while also giving members insights into possible improvements in their facilities and processes.

At all meetings, the members of each group also shared their best ideas on technology, staffing, and their companies’ latest marketing and advertising efforts. 

MFM Bureau Featured Meetings

East Coast Bureau — The first MFM Bureau meeting was held Feb. 8-10, 2022, Cleaners in Nashville and was hosted by Alan, Rhonda and Aubrey Wernick of Oakwood Cleaners. Four members attended in person, and 14 attended virtually.

Mid America Bureau Group Meeting — The next meeting was held Feb. 15-17, 2022, in Dallas and was hosted by Amin, Karen, and Perry Bata of Pepper Square Cleaners. Nine members attended in person, with others attending virtually.

West Coast and Canadian Bureau Group Meeting — The final meeting of the first quarter of 2022, was held in Seattle and was hosted by Mark Scott of Bakkers Fine Dry Cleaners. Nine members attended in person, with others attending virtually.


Methods for Management East Coast Bureau Meeting Feb. 8-10, 2022

Attending the Methods for Management East Coast Bureau Meeting on Feb. 8-10, 2022, were, from left (clockwise)Rhonda Wernick (Oakwood Cleaners), Kermit Engh (MFM), Rita Foley (Regency Cleaners), Courtney Wolf (MFM), Jim Massey (Jim Massey Cleaners), and Alan Wernick (Oakwood Cleaners). (Photo by Methods for Management)

Methods for Management Mid America Bureau Meeting Feb. 15-17, 2022

Attending the Methods for Management Mid America Bueau meeting in Nashville on Feb. 15-17, 2022, were, from left, Kyle Matthews (Janet Davis Cleaners), Bob Guthery (Nichols Hills Cleaners), Greg Gunderson (Gunderson Cleaners), Ronald Soonius (Kite’s Cleaners), Karen Bata and Amin Bata (Pepper Square Cleaners), Tom Prionas (Fabric Care Center), Nathan Kite (Kite’s Cleaners) and Kermit Engh (MFM). (Photo by Methods for Management)

Methods for Management West Coast and Canadian Bureau Meeting on March 10-11, 2022

Those attending the Methods for Management West Coast and Canadian Bureau Meeting on March 10-11, 2022 were, clockwise from center left, Chuck Horst (Margaret’s Couture Cleaners), Kermit Engh (Fashion Cleaners and MFM), Gary McCracken (Clothesline Cleaners), Pierre Cinar (View Cleaners), Mark Scott (Bakkers Fine Dry Cleaners), Puzant Cinar (Tarzana Cleaners), Don Mungal (Drape Master Platinum/Style & Grace Cleaners), David Meyer (Elite Cleaners) and Ramona Jaeger (Canyon Cleaners). (Photo by Methods for Management)

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