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Methods for Management Adds Business Advisory Team

Will provide specific industry expertise to MfM members

OMAHA, Neb. — International consulting group Methods for Management (MfM), under the leadership of managing director Kermit Engh, is continuing its advancement with the addition of a Business Advisory Team, the organization reports.

MfM says the team’s appointment strengthens its membership offerings. Team members will be readily available to assist the general membership with ongoing growth and improvement, offering a range of specialized, industry-specific services.

The Business Advisory Team includes Engh, Sandra Haralson, Bob Clements, Bill Stork, Trudy Adams, Vikki Reed, Jeff Gude and Courtney Wolf. MfM describes the team members and their areas of expertise:

  • Engh has been an owner/operator in the drycleaning industry for over 28 years. He provides expertise in strategic planning; finance; process improvement; succession planning; acquisition and disposition analysis; packaging and branding; corporate culture; employee training programs; profitability; quality and production standards; and cost analysis and development of management key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Haralson, of Sandra Haralson Dry Cleaning Consulting, is a mechanical diagnostics, operations and production expert, MfM says. She specializes in complete equipment inspections, getting machinery back up and running to factory standards.
  • Clements, of Benchmark Business Group, is co-founder, strategic marketing director and general counsel, providing business coaching, consulting, and business brokerage services.
  • Stork, of Dry Clean Design, is experienced in dry cleaning, industrial engineering and construction, making him uniquely qualified to assist in planning, equipment selection, plant layout and construction.
  • Adams, of Blue Egg Consulting, helps her clients’ customer service teams implement programs, proven principles and touchpoints to bridge the chasm between new customer acquisition and existing customer development.
  • Reed, of MfM and Studio V, is a creative innovator, branding strategist and design expert with more than 35 years of expertise in creating impactful visual-brand solutions for clients across numerous industry verticals, the consulting group says.
  • Gude, of MfMBI, has an information technology portfolio of success driving back-office IT strategies, business-critical projects, application development, deployments, and daily operations for organizations across diverse industries.
  • Wolf, of MfM, specializes in event planning and public relations. She plays a key role with the consulting group by facilitating client interaction, recruitment, and financial reporting for each membership bureau.
Methods for Management Adds Business Advisory Team

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