McCain Leads Presidential Race Among Drycleaners

Ian P. Murphy |

CHICAGO — Drycleaners tend to favor Republican presidential candidates on economic issues and overall, according to the most recent survey to appear in the Wire, American Drycleaner’s weekly e-mail news alert.
Asked whom they thought would be most favorable to business and the economy if elected, 23.5% of drycleaners picked Republican front-runner John McCain, making him the top choice among all candidates. In a three-way tie for second place with 14.7% of the vote were Republicans Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and “None of the above.”
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tied for third on economic issues, with 11.8% of drycleaners choosing one of them as the best available candidate. Mike Huckabee came in last, with 8.8%. Romney’s vote may have been higher had he stayed in the race until the end of the poll.
“There isn’t a true conservative in the race,” one respondent says. “I don’t think any of the remaining candidates will be very good for business.”
Asked which candidate they would most like to see elected president in November overall, McCain again came in first, with 20.0% of respondents. Huckabee and Paul tied for second place, with 17.1% each, and Romney came in third with 14.3%, tying with “None of the above.”
Democrats Clinton and Obama were drycleaners’ last choices, earning only 8.6% of votes each. Again, Mitt Romney’s score may have been affected by his campaign ending mid-poll.
“To make progress, we need a president that can ‘reach across the aisle’ and get action through Congress,” a respondent writes. “The other leading candidates are polarizing figures; John McCain is the one candidate that can [get] support from both sides.”

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