Maytag Debuts Equipment; Maytag Man Appears

Ian P. Murphy |

NEW ORLEANS — No matter who’s portraying the legendary advertising character, having a photo taken with the Maytag Man is a perennial Clean Show attraction.
Having assumed the role last year after a nationwide talent search, new Repairman Clay Jackson is making scheduled appearances to sign autographs and have his picture taken with fans at Maytag's booth.
Also of interest to drycleaners attending the show is Maytag’s new, 50-pound Energy Advantage soft-mount washer-extractor that fits through a standard 36-inch door opening. The unit has 99 programs to manage moisture in shirts and other garments, helping save on utility costs.
A companion Energy Advantage 75-pound drying tumbler also features residual moisture control (RMC) for laundry loads, allowing operators to dictate levels of moisture in garments before finishing.

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