MAC Elects 2013 Officers During Annual Meeting


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GAITHERSBURG, Md. — The MidAtlantic Association of Cleaners (MAC) recently held its Winter Board and Annual Meetings here, approving bylaw changes to streamline board functions and electing 2013 association officers, board members and committee members.

Officers for this year include President Ben Johnson (Americlean), Vice President Jamie Albano (Albano Cleaners), Treasurer Russell Kaplan (ZIPS) and Chair Dianne Chatelain (Presto Valet).

Elected to the Board of Directors were Michael McKay (Dryclean and Shirt Salon), Maryland; Patrick Dunlap (Classicleaners), District of Columbia; Buddy Gritz (Presto Valet) and Tammy Johnson (Americlean), Virginia; Charley Young (Peter Pan Cleaners) and Telly Svingos (Victors Cleaners & Launderers), West Virginia; and Tom McAllister (Kreussler Chemical), Jack Belluscio (Caled Chemical) and James Just (R.R. Street & Co.), representing the allied trades.

Committee members for 2013 include Tom Williams (Suffolk Quality Cleaners), Sally Veach (Fresh Dry Cleaners & Laundry), James Crowder (Edmondson’s Cleaners) and Dan Criswell (Prince George Cleaners).

Prior to the meeting, members gathered at the new ZIPS Germantown, Md., location owned by Kaplan. There, Kreussler’s McAllister and Jerry and Pat Moore from equipment distributor Moore Services demonstrated the cleaner’s SYSTEMK4 operation.


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