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“The front counters are custom designed in the shape of the MW Bowtie company logo,” points out Kyle Nesbit, vice president of MW Cleaners, describing his Cypress, Texas, store. (Photos: MW Cleaners)


MW Cleaners’ Cypress, Texas location which is named Outstanding Strip Location for 2018.

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MW Cleaners named Outstanding Strip Location in 57th Annual Plant Design Awards

CYPRESS, Texas — MW Cleaners 3,400-square-foot operation located here, with 20 employees, really desired to “up the game” in regards to customer experience, they note.

“As a customer enters the sliding glass doors they are greeted with the scent of fresh linen being pumped into the lobby via a Scent Wave machine,” says Kyle Nesbit, vice president of MW Cleaners, named the Outstanding Strip Location in the 57th Annual Plant Design Awards.

“They are also treated to the sounds of smooth jazz to set their mood and expectations,” he adds, “this isn’t your ordinary dry cleaner.”

The lobby is nearly 100% enclosed with butt glass that separates the tagging bay, production plant, and alterations area from the main store front.

The plant layout, he notes, was done so that the two Unipress Lightnings are directly in the customers line of vision so they can view the laundry production.

The walls of the call office are lined with subway tile, while the floor is a black-washed wood. The front counters are custom designed in the shape of the MW Bowtie company logo.

“There is also a completely separate alterations area, with its own prominent and illuminated back-lit sign, along with a separate front door access.”

Once production is complete, he relates, the finished garments are loaded onto a Metalprogetti storage conveyor and keeping with the brand’s theme, the garments are then moved to a custom-built rack.

“If a customer prefers to stay in the car, there is a single lane drive-thru that is situated directly behind the tagging bay,” Nesbit says. “It’s all about a better customer experience!”

MW Cleaners’ equipment hails from Union, Forenta, Perfect (starch machine), UniMac, Huebsch, Fulton, and CP (compressor)

Gulf States Equipment Co. is its distributor. 

The architect was Mark Carter, Carter Architects, Inc., Houston, he adds, and the interior design and plant layout was done by his father, company president and American Drycleaner editorial advisory board member Michael E. Nesbit.

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