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Lights! Camera! Cleaning!

Former news anchor Melody Dunn is the new owner of Lapels in Yuma

HANOVER, Mass. — Yuma native, Melody Dunn, is the owner/operator of the new Lapels Dry Cleaning located at 2595 S. 4th Avenue in Yuma, Ariz., the company reports.


“Our sustainable, non-toxic way of dry cleaning clothes has been very popular with customers in the greater Phoenix area,” says Dunn. “We anticipate a similar reaction from the people and businesses of Yuma.”


Dunn is a former news anchor in Yuma and enjoyed a successful run as a country singer, performing across the country and as far away as Australia, the firm writes.


In recent years, she’s worked as an IT professional in the healthcare industry. “Tired of the travel involved in that profession and her previous work in the music industry,” Lapels says, “she strategized a way to return to her native Yuma. Business ownership seemed a logical choice.”


After researching several franchise opportunities, the firm reports, “Dunn locked in on Lapels for its green components — an environmentally friendly cleaning process and relatively affordable franchise price. Additionally, and most importantly, owning a Lapels Dry Cleaning ensured she could return home.”


Dunn relates that: “This opportunity works for me on so many levels. There’s certainly a disproportionate number of dry cleaners to consumers here in Yuma. The most important consideration for me was being able to make a living in my hometown.


“My son, Kirk Dunn, farms with Dunn Farms here in Yuma. He and his wife, Sierra, are expecting my first grandchild! My son, AC1 Timothy Ty Dunn is awaiting new orders from the Air Force. He may not be in Yuma now, but he knows I’m here when he comes home. Yuma is where my family is and Yuma is where I want to spend the rest of my career,” says Dunn.


Lapels notes it has pioneered its eco-friendly drycleaning experience over the past two decades. Part of that effort includes a partnership agreement with GreenEarth®, the drycleaning industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative.


Also, the firm points out that its customers are greeted to a warm and inviting reception area, with friendly customer service representatives, and alteration services.