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Martin L. Young Jr. |

Under ideal conditions, lightweight fabrics will dry evenly

CONCORD, N.C. — Summer is rolling past. It’s the time for light colors and lightweight fabrics.

There is a challenge we all face with summer wear: stains that were left untreated over the off-season. Any stain is more difficult to remove after the passage of time.

Most stains are more visible against a white or pastel background fabric. Lightweight fabrics such as silk and rayon are more likely to show streaks and swales when handled poorly. Let’s start with the classic, “It wasn’t like that when I put it away.”

It could be any number of stains. The simplest stain is a yellow/brown area that the customer insists was not there when the garment was put away many long months ago. It will appear to have a very definite outline.

Many garments marketed for warm weather are constructed of lightweight fabric and present a unique problem. Lightweight fabrics are subject to streaks and swales. Unfortunately, in most cases, these streaks and swales are the result of poor habits by the cleaner/spotter.

Don’t let it happen in your plant. With the heavy emphasis on productivity, it is easy to add a few extra pieces to a run in an effort to gain time. This causes problems with lightweight fabrics.

Under ideal conditions, lightweight fabrics will dry quickly and evenly. Under less-than-good conditions, lightweight fabrics will dry unevenly, resulting in streaks and swales.

Lint is everywhere in a drycleaning plant. When allowed to accumulate on air filtration equipment, the air-flow is reduced. Reduced airflow leads to uneven drying, and uneven drying leads to streaks and swales.

It is a drycleaning system. Treat it as such, and you will reduce problems with your garments.

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Martin L. Young Jr. has been an industry consultant and trainer for 20 years, and a member of various stakeholder groups on environmental issues. He is a past president of the North Carolina Association of Launderers & Cleaners (NCALC). He grew up in his parents’ plant in Concord, N.C., Young Cleaners, which he operates to this day. Contact him by phone at 704-786-3011, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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