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JOLIET, Ill. — John and Stephanie Conway, formerly of Suede Products, announced that they have purchased the Leather Master and American Weaving companies. The sale took place in May, and operations have now been integrated into KC Leather Cleaners Inc. in Joliet.
Together, the Conways have more than 26 years of experience in the suede- and leather-care business. John began his career with Willowbrook, Ill.-based Kirk’s Suede-Life Inc., the world’s leading supplier of products for suede and leather care, and eventually moved into the role of operations manager.
More recently, John launched KC Leather Cleaners to spend more time at home with his wife and two boys, Kyle and Cameron, for whom the business is named. He continues to consult for Suede-Life, but now devotes the majority of his time to Leather Master.
Incorporated in 1976, Leather Master has built a reputation over the years as the premier wholesale leather cleaner in Chicago. Leather Master also cleans carpets, furs, purses, pillows, comforters, Ugg boots and other specialty items.
Leather Master is a licensee of the Prestige Preservation Program (PPP), which offers an heirloom preservation process for wedding gowns, military uniforms, school jackets, flags and other textile keepsakes.
American Weaving offers wholesale reweaving services to drycleaners with garments that have tears, moth holes, cigarette burns and other types of damage. For more information on Leather Master, American Weaving and KC Cleaners, visit suedecleaners.com or call 800-240-0107.

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