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Leather Can Now Get Sustainability Label

Made In Green label from OEKO-TEX can include leather products, as of April 1

ZURICH — OEKO-TEX® reports it has updated its existing guidelines as well as the valid test criteria and limit values for its certifications and services.


One of the highlights, it points out, is that now it will also be possible to award its Made In Green sustainability label to leather products.


The firm is doing this, it says, to be, “In line with consistent consumer protection and the sustainability of textiles and leather products.”


“Leather articles labeled with Made In Green have been tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Leather Standard and have been produced in environmentally friendly facilities in socially acceptable workplaces in accordance with STeP certification,” it writes.


“This ensures that consumers can also track leather goods such as clothing, shoes or furniture using a unique product ID or the specific QR code on the label to learn which countries and production facilities the article was produced in,” it adds.


Also this year, the organization relates that the herbicide glyphosate and its salts have also been included in the limit value catalogue for its Standard 100, and it will observe various new substances based on the latest scientific findings and conformity with precise specifications.


All of its new regulations come into effect April 1, it notes.


With over 25 years of experience, OEKO-TEX describes itself as a, “world leader in enabling consumers and business to protect our planet through responsible trading.”