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Lapels Lands Boston Harbor Hotel

Formed hospitality division to give ‘better service to hotels’ says CEO Dubois

HANOVER, Mass. — Lapels Dry Cleaning, headquartered here, recently signed an agreement to provide dry cleaning to the Boston Harbor Hotel, it reports.

“We formed our corporate/hospitality division a little over a year ago with the express purpose of providing better service to hotels, restaurants and corporate accounts that require and/or offer drycleaning services for guests and staff,” says Kevin Dubois, CEO of Lapels.

“Landing a property like The Boston Harbor Hotel demonstrates quite clearly the effectiveness of the new division and our offering,” says Dubois.

The hotel is described by wikipedia as, “a high-end luxury hotel overlooking Boston Harbor,” located in Boston, Mass.

Lapels Dry Cleaning of South Boston and its satellite locations — Lapels Dry Cleaning of Boston Longfellow and Lapels Dry Cleaning of the Seaport District — will offer drycleaning services to Boston Harbor Hotel guests and staff, it relates.

The firm’s new division equips each of its plants to serve restaurants, hotels and other guest-oriented businesses with its full range of drycleaning offerings, it notes. This will include same-day and 24-hour dry cleaning and tailoring, it adds.

In addition to The Boston Harbor Hotel, the cleaner indicates it serves a wide range of corporate clients, which includes Intel, Google, Marriott Corporation and others.

“A large part of the appeal is how we can help hotels, restaurants and corporations decrease their carbon footprint,” says Dubois. “We do that first by utilizing a more environmentally-friendly drycleaning process,” he points out.

“For a city hotel like Boston Harbor Hotel,” he says, “we reduce it even further by being able to dry clean our clothes in drycleaning plants less than five miles away in Boston.”

The company writes that it has, “Pioneered an eco-friendly drycleaning experience over the past 18 years. Part of that effort includes a partnership agreement with GreenEarth® Cleaning, the drycleaning industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative.”

“When you’re on the road and you want your clothes cleaned,” says Dubois, “you’re not necessarily thinking of the long-term effect on your clothes.”

He relates that: “All our locations serving corporate accounts use GreenEarth® solutions. Consequently, our cleaning process has no odor and is gentler on clothes, thus lengthening the life of clothes. That’s a comforting thought for business travelers.”