Lapels Dry Cleaning Launches International Division

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HANOVER, Mass. — Lapels Dry Cleaning has built its franchise upon environmentally friendly dry cleaning methods, “outrageous” customer service and marketing, the company says, and now it’s looking to bring those signature services abroad with a new international division.

“I believe there are markets outside the United States that will be as strong, if not stronger, because of the lack of quality competition and the importance of quality garments and the care of those garments,” says Michael Eisner, director of franchise development for Lapels. “Over the years, we have been inundated with requests for franchising from overseas.”

“Being able to have your garments cleaned in an affordable and timely fashion that doesn’t negatively impact the environment is something that’s appreciated everywhere, not just in the U.S.,” says Lapels CEO Kevin Dubois. “With this new division, we are currently speaking with Franchise Partners from across the world and anticipate opening our first store within 2013.”

Lapels says it is committed to using the most advanced environmental practices and technologies not only in dry cleaning operations but also in store and plant construction.

The franchisor is also well-known for having stores that serve their local communities through such efforts as hanger recycling and clothing drives. “With the expansion overseas, we anticipate our franchise owners abroad will also be looking for ways to give back,” DuBois says.


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