Japanese Manufacturer Markets ´Shower Clean´ Suits

Ian P. Murphy |

TOKYO — Japanese manufacturer Konaka is marketing wash-and-wear suits under its new “Shower Clean” line, demonstrating the ease of care in a video at its website.
Garments in the line can be cleaned at home by spraying warm water on them for a few minutes and letting them drip dry. No ironing is required, the company says, for a wrinkle-free garment every time.
Konaka will market the scrubbable suits to busy executives and college students scoring their first interviews alike. “They often don’t have time to take their suit to a dry cleaner and it’s difficult for them to iron a wool suit,” spokesman Shigeyuki Tsuchiya said in a release. “Our suit can return to the original shape easily after a shower.”
Shower Clean suits will be available to Japanese consumers in February, starting at a budget-friendly 30,000 yen ($260).

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