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‘Italian Job’ Steps Up at NYC Cleaners

Senza Rivali shoes turning heads at front counter of Todd Layne

NEW YORK CITY — Senza Rivali has established its first “Atelier di Moda” (fashion shop) in partnership with Todd Layne Cleaner’s East 77th Street location, offering Tailored men’s suits, shirts, sport coats and Bespoke shoes.

“The custom shoe sample on display is also turning a few heads, with it’s multiple colors and interesting design,” says owner Todd L. Ofsink.

Bespoke shoes and boots are custom-made for each client.

“We were surprised by the number of millennials that are intrigued with our display and asking questions,” he adds.

A client and a creator design a shoe or boot together using a design tool which allows for up to 45 individual customizations down to the stitching color on different parts of the shoe.

The owner recently announced the launch of their sales and marketing alliance with the Italian company and it’s “Bespoke” line of fabrics for garments hand-made in Florence.

Its “Tailored” line offers a proper fit with alterations done precisely and little details, such as buttonhole stitching, are done as ordered, the cleaner explains.

“The partnership is working out pretty well so far,” he relates. “It definitely expands our service offerings and we have obtained several new customers for our eco-friendly drycleaning service.”

“Our alliance with Senza Rivali will offer a unique product line and keep our business relevant for our customers in the years to come,” he says.

“We’re always looking to expand our services and make our customer’s lives easier,” adds Ofsink, who has owned Todd Layne Cleaners since 2006.

todd layne counter area of senza rivali web

New York City-based Todd Layne Cleaners has a new alliance with Florence, Italy’s Senza Rivali, for clothing and custom-made shoes, which are displayed (shown in upper left of photo), in gold-and-blue right on the front counter. “We were surprised by the number of millennials that are intrigued with our display,” owner Todd Ofsink relates. (Photo: Todd Layne Cleaners)

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