ISW Buys Texsteel from Buckeye Pads & Covers

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Owner Eric Bonn says he provides ‘good old-fashioned’ customer service

ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Eric Bonn, president and owner, ISW Corporation (International Steel Wool), based here, says: “I would like to announce that ISW has purchased the assets of the Texsteel/steel pad division from Buckeye Pads & Covers.”

Bonn adds, “As the owner of ISW, I am the youngest grandson of Francis H. Bonn, who founded FH Bonn Co. I am very honored to carry on the tradition of producing the steel pads for the drycleaning and laundry industry.”

He points out that ISW, founded in 1924, is the original manufacturer of the steel pads and “Texsteel” steel wool.

“The addition of this line of products,” Bonn relates, “is a perfect fit into our ‘wheel house’ because we specialize in fabricating steel wool and wire mesh products. Our business model is to sell the steel pads through distributors, OEMs or laundry pad manufacturers, but not direct.

“We will also be producing stock of the common items, so lead times will be drastically reduced. ISW strives to provide ‘good old-fashioned’ customer service and produce quality products at competitive prices,” he says.

“I restarted the operations in 2011 and have been going strong producing steel wool and wire mesh fabricated products. So bringing the drycleaning and steel pad business into our portfolio is a perfect fit.”

Currently, Bonn indicates, his firm is producing the steel pads at the former FH Bonn facility, but eventually it will relocate everything to his shop in Michigan.

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