Insurance Firm Encourages Dry Cleaners to Work with Local Agents

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RONKONKOMA, N.Y. — Irving Weber Associates (IWA) has been working with local insurance brokers to offer their drycleaning clients protection at competitive rates for many years, but efforts to advise dry cleaners that they don’t need to fire their current broker to gain access to IWA’s insurance program hasn’t reached the audience it had hoped, the company says.

So, IWA has created a new division devoted exclusively to spreading the message that IWA wants to maintain local working relationships while providing dry cleaners and their local insurance brokers access to its coverage, says IWA President Adam Weber.

Christine (Tina) Brazier was selected to head the new division. “We want to educate the dry cleaners and their brokers about their access to our Fabricare Advantage Program, but also educate them on the many coverages designed to provide expanded protection to their business and that are rarely found in their current insurance products.”

John Leidner will serve as broker/agency liaison and Colleen Christner is responsible for marketing support.


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