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Kleerwite buys Neuhaus, adds new distributors and Jinx Ink

RICHMOND, Va. — Kleerwite Chemical has reached an agreement with Robert Neuhaus and Patricia A. Joubert, previous owners of Neuhaus Chemical Products, Inc., (NCP) to purchase its assets, including all formulas, trade names, and customer list, the company notes.

“Robert and Patti will provide continued support during the transition,” says Bill Carli, owner, Kleerwite Chemical.

“NCP is a great fit with Kleerwite's line of problem-solving chemicals. Jinx Ink®is a well known and respected product that should be a great compliment to our existing products,” says Carli.

He points out that, “While we shared many of the same distributors, NCP will open the door for Kleerwite to a number of new distributors. I am confident that once these distributors become familiar with Kleerwite's many fine products, there will be an opportunity to grow Kleerwite's business.

“I look forward to the next chapter for Kleerwite and what the addition of Jinx Ink can mean for our growth prospects,” he relates.

“I firmly believe the whole will be much greater than the sum of the parts with this addition of NCP to Kleerwite’s existing business,” says Carli.

Jinx Ink has been a trusted brand for over 50 years, the firm writes, and the, “‘go-to’ ink remover for generations of dry cleaners. Jinx Ink removes most inks, fingernail polish, glue, lacquer, paste shoe polish, gum, toner, adhesives and fabric chalk on both the wet and dry side.”

“When I heard that Neuhaus Chemical Products had shut down in early July,” Carli explains, “I reached out to Robert Neuhaus to see if would be interested in selling me the formulas, trade names and customer list. I knew from 30 years as a distributor rep before buying Kleerwite in the fall of 2014 that Jinx Ink was an excellent product and would be missed in the market if someone did not step in to keep it alive.

“I am very excited that we were able to reach an agreement and it has been very easy working with Robert and his sister Patti on the transition to make sure Kleerwite can continue to serve the many Jinx Ink customers as seamlessly as possible,” says Carli.

“Kleerwite is excited to add this outstanding product to our line of problem-solving chemicals,” the company notes.

Since 1948, Kleerwite Chemical, it explains, produces quality chemicals for dry cleaners with the goal of helping them provide superior fabricare services to their customers.

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