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Inaugural Publisher’s Impact Award: Dr. Manfred Wentz (Conclusion)

Looking Ever Forward: In the conclusion, on top of everything he meant to fabricare, he was a dedicated family man

CHICAGO — He gave fabricare a reason to believe it could be better than it was. He asked all to look beyond, to a better world. He believed in people first — always. He brought scientists, lawmakers, companies, and drycleaning professionals together to make a healthier, safer garment care world, and to better understand their own responsibility. He sought this not only for the environment, and the fabricare industry’s health, but for all future generations. For all these reasons and more, American Drycleaner hereby recognizes Dr. Manfred Wentz with its inaugural Publisher’s Impact Award — for everything he gave to the world today.

When people think of Dr. Manfred Wentz, they think of all he gave to the future of the fabricare industry, and the world. He was a scientist, educator, speaker, and a voice of hope for the future.

That is why Wentz is being recognized with the American Drycleaner Publisher’s Impact Award for all he has meant to garment care, dry cleaning, and the overall betterment of our planet.

“When I think of Dr. Manfred Wentz, a single word immediately comes to my mind: sustainability,” notes Martin Young Jr., well-known drycleaning industry consultant, popular American Drycleaner Spotting Tips columnist, and owner of Young Cleaners in  Concord, N.C. “Dr. Wentz forced many of us to face the future, and embrace the need for change.”


Besides his work in garment care, Dr. Manfred Wentz was first a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, as his son Chris, daughter Sabina, and wife Gisela reflect.

Speaking by phone recently with American Drycleaner, Chris and Sabina shared thoughts about their dad and his home life and his work relationships.

“His life, business and personal decisions were shaped by his devotion to the family and how it would enhance our lives,” says Chris.

His son relates that their father was never one to shy away from doing what was right both in his personal life and his business life. Relative to the businesses of dry cleaning, garments and textiles, he understood the major impact these services and industries had on the environment and, more notably, how they affected people. “And we know that’s pretty much everyone. He knew that. It was a guiding tenet to the way he approached his work,” relates Chris.

“Traveling with him was always fun and interesting,” Chris continues, relating how the family could always count on their dad telling them that he “gave a talk there,” when they went by a famous hotel, university, or institute. “It became a game to find a place in which he didn’t give a talk.”

Sabina provides these closing words about their dad: “My dad was Chris’ soccer coach and had a big impact on all of the players on his teams through the years. They were consistently one of the top teams in Wisconsin and won a state championship as well.

“Also, he orchestrated trips for all of us when we lived scattered across the country. Dad was all about family.”

Surely the legacy of Dr. Wentz, devoted family man and famous fabricare scientist, is that he reminded us all, always, to keep looking ever forward to a better and brighter new day!

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wentz family web

The Wentz family, from left: son Chris Wentz, daughter Sabina Akins, wife Gisela and Dr. Manfred Wentz.

21 sam moore wife and mw web

Wentz, on right, with colleague Sam Moore and his wife in Sam’s orchard enjoying a picnic. Moore, “picked up after dad retired from Hohenstein/Oeko-Tex,” relates Chris Wentz.

dad web

Dr. Manfred Wentz.

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