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I ♥ Texting (Part 1)

Owners describe the bennies of a ‘text takeover’: Easy, speedy and lines stay empty

CHICAGO — Texting offers a quick and easy way to communicate with customers. ‘Simplicity’ might be the best word for what it offers our customers. Simple reminders can be: Orders are ready for pickup, or You have earned an award, or We noticed a stain on your garment. Then customers can text back ON WAY. We see it right on our Dashboard, and know to get their orders ready for a fast and speedy pickup.”

That’s Tonny Walden, CEO of Norman, Okla.-based Walden Cleaners, which he says is, “a third generation dry cleaner that has been in business since 1933. Walden Cleaners specializes in the utmost in quality care for your garments,” he says. “Our mission is: To gain life out of garments, not take it away.”

“Extremely valuable!” Is how Walden describes the value in texting with customers for his drycleaning operation.

“We have to be able to communicate with our customers easily and effectively,” he relates. “The old way was through a phone call or face-to-face interaction and in today’s world, texting is the easiest and most effective way to communicate.”

As an owner, Walden points out, “I love how easy it is to get a hold of our customers for all aspects of communicating. Our team loves the simplicity of texting right from the Point of Sale (POS) Dashboard.”

He adds that, “Our customers might love it the best. They don’t want to be bothered with a phone call, they just need a simple notification.”

Walden says his business has been texting with customers for, “About a year now, but just over the past few months we have really ramped it up due to our new POS, Starchup. They have perfected customer communication and specialize in texting features when it comes to communication.”

And there are many other computer software firms to check into that serve fabricare with texting and POS as well.

When something new appears it can naturally come with surprises, but those can be good surprises. Speedy client-interactive surprises.

“One of the biggest challenges is responding to all the communications coming back from the customers!” Walden says. “Customers love how easy it is to reply. They don’t mind texting back and they text back very quickly!”

He explains that one of the biggest surprises comes when their POS system sends out texts to customers that their orders are complete and ready for pickup, those customers start heading his way immediately.

“The absolute best side benefit so far is that our lines stay empty,” Walden says. “Customers pick up their clothing when they get their notification.”

Texting and POS seem to almost be symbiotic — they help each other and work together.

Check back Thursday for the conclusion.

walden cleaners group family shot web

Tonny Walden, on left, CEO of Norman, Okla.-based Walden Cleaners shown with his family. His business launched text messaging about a year ago and says: “As an owner I love how easy it is to get a hold of a customer. Our team loves the simplicity.” He also adds that: “The absolute best side benefit so far is that our lines stay empty.” (Photo: Walden Cleaners)

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