How Do You Restore an Acetate Fabric?

Alan Spielvogel |

Q: Is there any way to restore sizing damage or color loss in acetate fabrics once it has occurred?
A: If part of an acetate fabric suffers discoloration, it’s sometimes possible to correct the damage. There are two methods a drycleaner can use.
For the first method, dissolve five ounces of mineral oil in one gallon of solvent. Soak the acetate fabric in the solution for about 15 minutes. Extract lightly and reclaim the solvent.
This method can also be used to restore color losses in silks and chafing in satin fabrics.
For the second method, spray the affected area of the fabric with a mild solution (approximately 14%) of acetic acid. Hang the acetate fabric to dry, then reclean the item.
This method is intended for acetates only, and shouldn’t be used on multicolored acetates, printed acetates, or acetate blends and knits.Have a processing problem? Click here to Ask The Expert!

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