How Do I Handle A Red Wine Stain?

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Q: What's the best procedure for handling red wine spillage on cotton blends that include stretchy material, such as a cotton/elastic blend or a cotton/spandex blend?
A: Follow the procedure below until the stain is removed. Repeat a step if the stain responds to it. If the fabric contains spandex, test it first with heat on an unexposed area and look for puckering or fabric distortion.
Stain removal procedure:
1. Spray area with a fine mist of water.
2. Flush with steam, keeping the spotting gun 4-6 inches from the fabric.
3. Apply a neutral lubricant and 28% acetic acid to the stain, or use a prepared tannin formula.
4. Tamp the area with a spotting brush.
5. Flush with steam.
6. Apply General Formula to the stain, first testing with heat on unexposed area to check for color losses.
7. Tamp with the spotting brush.
8. Flush with steam.
Red Wine
If the stain remains:
1. Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stain with an eye dropper.
2. Heat with the spotting gun.
3. Repeat if necessary.
4. Apply peroxide with 26% ammonia (avoid the use of ammonia on wool, silk and spandex).
5. Heat with the spotting gun.
6. Apply 28% acetic acid (or a prepared tannin formula) to the area.
Alternative to hydrogen peroxide:
In a spotting bottle, mix 1 teaspoon of sodium bisulfite with 1⁄4 ounce of 28% acetic acid; add 4 ounces of water. Apply to the stain and heat with the spotting gun, then flush with steam.

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