How Can I Remove Oils and Grease from Khaki Pants in Wetcleaning?

Alan Spielvogel |

Q: Khaki pants seem to be a good candidate for wetcleaning, but I often have trouble removing grease and oils without drycleaning them. What’s the best, most efficient way to get them clean?
A: It isn't necessary to dryclean khaki slacks before wetcleaning them. Almost every manufacturer of wetcleaning and laundry detergents has a degreasing agent that can be added to a wetcleaning or laundry formula. Have your representative set up a “khaki program” that includes this type of degreasing agent.
You may want to remove any heavily set oil-, grease- or wax-based stains prior to wetcleaning. These can be removed on the spotting board using a non-ionic, citrus-based lubricant.Have a processing problem? Click here to Ask The Expert!

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