How Can I Protect Ties in Cleaning?

Alan Spielvogel |

Q: Are there any tips for cleaning ties? They always seem to shift during cleaning, and the seams always come apart.
A: Ties must always be cleaned in a net bag. Tube-shaped nets that restrict movement during cleaning are available from distributors.
All ties should be prespotted before cleaning. If moisture, steam or wet-side spotting agents are used, the fabric should be completely dry before cleaning. Use a leveling agent to eliminate any sizing disturbances that may have occurred. Dryclean the tie in a short or fragile (silk) cycle.
To reduce the chances of the seam coming undone, use safety pins to secure the master stitch on both ends of the tie. Put the pin through the back of the tie on each end, through the interfacings. Don’t let the pin go through the face of the tie.
If a tie is prepped correctly prior to cleaning, it should be fairly easy to finish. Steam the tie on the buck of the press using an open-end tie form, which accommodates any size of tie.

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