How Can I Get Rid of the Green Residues Left After Cleaning Grass Stains?

Alan Spielvogel |

Q: I’m having difficulty removing grass stains. I’ve used various tannin formulas, but there is still a green residue. Is there a better way to treat these stains?
A: Although grass is generally classified as a tannin (vegetable-based) stain, it often can’t be removed with a tannin formula alone.
Any tannin stain that’s green in color contains chlorophyll, and should be removed on the dry side first using a combination of oily-type paint remover (OTPR) or paint, oil and grease (POG) remover and amyl acetate. Tamp and repeat if necessary, then flush with a volatile dry spotter (VDS) and remove the remainder of the stain using the tannin procedure.
General formulas and some premixed tannin formulas contain alcohol. Although alcohol is helpful in breaking down tannin stains, it can “pull” color from many fabrics. Test the agent on an unexposed area of the garment before applying. Although general formulas contain some amyl acetate, you’ll get better results by using the procedure mentioned above.

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